Everyone loves a good story. The art of storytelling has been known since time immemorial. Whether you grew up reading Bedtime stories, Enid Blyton, Archie comics, Amar Chitra Katha, Chanda mama, Chacha Chaudhary or Dada-dadi ki kahaniyaan… stories have always tickled the imagination of kids and adults alike.

The quest for the unknown is what keeps the reader intrigued. For that the story teller has to have the skill to keep the reader glued to the book. In the present times where everyone’s mind is clogged with media, multimedia, social networking sites, socializing per se, work pressures, peer pressures etc., the authors of this series of books have something different to offer.

If we look back some years, mothers and grandmothers used to tell stories to children. The values hidden in those stories were imbibed by the children in a subtle manner. In today’s date, let alone parents, even grandparents do not have time to share anything value based with their children. No wonder the values that we as a society were so proud of, are fast depleting.

The Sunrays series of books are essentially works of love and devotion. They are an endeavour to encapsulate into simple stories the human values that are so important to make a ‘man’, out of a man. It is like administering a bitter pill to a baby, under a sugar coating. The taste is camouflaged, but the doze is delivered! Each book in this collection contains 52 Inspirational Short Stories of two pages each. Every story is preceded by a quote chosen from the discourses of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and is accompanied by a simple pencil sketch done by Priya Tandon that ensures that the story remains etched in the mind of the reader. The stories in these books are a humble endeavour to invite you to delve into the fascinating world of value based story-reading and story-telling.

The authors urge the readers to read and share an Inspirational story with their family at least once a week. It could be anywhere and at any time. The dining table is perhaps the best place to do it.

Family time is bonding time. Storytelling and sharing is a great way to spend time together. This is a very important tool for good parenting as well as teaching. It is in the formative years that the mind of a child is like a blank slate or like wet clay. Whatever you write on it leaves an impression forever.

I think we as kids, learnt more about the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Gods and Goddesses from the Amar Chitra Kathas than we learnt from our History books. Moreover reading these comics was a fun thing, whereas school text books always felt like a drag.
Learning, when the emphasis is not on learning; is the best kind of learning. We didn’t even realise when we learnt and imbibed those values!

We have also read stories like the Snow white and the seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland, Nancy Drew etc. These too have given us childish wonder, a feel of fairyland etc. The power of expression in good words as well as through pictures is a skill that not many people have.

The Sunrays books contain an ocean of goodness. They contain all the human values that we strive to inculcate in our children as well as in ourselves. Do take a dip and taste the goodness!