The Battle Within

One evening an old man was sitting with his little grandson who was having his dinner. The boy said, “Grandpa, you look disturbed today, what is the matter with you.” The old man said, “Son, there is a battle going on in me, so I am feeling uncomfortable.”

The little boy looked at him with eyes wide open and queried, “A battle, inside you?” “Yes son, you see there are two wolves inside me. One is an evil wolf, his personality reeks of greed, dishonesty, anger, jealousy, hatred, superiority, falsehood and discontentment. The other is a good wolf, he radiates love, compassion, honesty, peace, benevolence, understanding, faith and contentment.”

The little boy, listened with deep interest. Then he asked innocently, “Grandpa, which one do you think will win the battle.” Grandpa said, soberly, “The one I feed, will win!”

….. Yes, this is true for the wolves that reside in each one of us. It is up to us to decide which wolf we are going to feed and nourish. It is upto us and us alone to starve the nasty wolf, dwelling in ourselves. Love begets love and hate begets hate. If we spread love, love will take root permanently in our personality. It is only love that can remove the dust and rust that forms a sheath over the divine embodiment of love that God has created us to be.

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