Celebrating 100 Episodes!!!

Celebrating 100 episodes
Celebrating 100 episodes

The journey is vital! The destination just happens!

Well! The making of a hundred videos based on the Sunrays stories has proved the wisdom in this. It has afforded us an opportunity to explore a world that was unexplored and intimidating to say the least but each video has made us learn something new and the journey has been amazing!

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The making of the Sunrays books started way back in 2004, when we were young parents and were struggling to teach good values to our boys. In the humdrum of modern education, learning by rote, tests every other day, examinations etc. we often felt that no importance was given to inculcation of values like honesty, punctuality respect and devotion etc.

So we took it upon ourselves to feed our children with content where-in values were veiled, just like sugar is present in tea.

Our children read the Amar Chitra Kathas, watched the Ramayan and Mahabharat serials, and learnt simple Bhajans too. They attended a weekly class of ‘Education in Human Values’, called ‘Balvikas’ that was run by the Education wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. All this went alongside regular school, sports, friends and hobbies et al.

Somewhere in the year 2001 when email was a new found thing, we started sharing a good thought with some friends daily over email. Sooner than later, we started emailing an Inspirational short story every Sunday.

Our first book Sunrays for Sunday was a great learning experience. We enjoyed putting the stories together and making the sketches for each story was the cherry on the cake.


The success of the first book went a long way in deciding to do the rest of them. The process of selecting quotes, writing and discussing each story, selecting which ones to put into the book, sketching etc. has been a journey that we shall always cherish! We have made beautiful memories all the way!

Sunrays Books
Sunrays Books

Having done the last book Sunrays for Saturday in 2018, we would often ask ourselves, ‘What next?’ The COVID Pandemic saw us go into lockdown on March 23, 2020. We made our first video on March 26, 2020 and uploaded it on various social media platforms. This we did every day for 36 days! Phew! It was definitely exhausting, frustrating, time consuming but nevertheless enjoyable, satisfying and exhilarating! After the lockdown opened up we started sharing a story every Sunday. This continues till date.  We also started podcasting these stories in July 2020. Presently we upload a podcast every Thursday.

The pandemic has been a time for soul searching for many. It has made human-kind realise that property, jewels, clothes etc. are not as valuable as your family and friends. People are more valuable than things. It is important to be human and kind towards the ill, suffering, hungry, destitute and all those lesser fortunate than us.

The Sunrays videos have been an endeavour to remind people of the importance of human values that make us valuable humans. Learning that happens when the emphasis is not on learning, is the best kind of learning. These short 5 minute videos have a subtle message imbued in them. At a time when people have been home and have had time to think and introspect we have tried to provide food for thought to many.

Now that we are at the threshold of launching our 100th video on 11th July 2021, we realise that it is the journey that is key! And we are loving the journey!

Priya & Sanjay Tandon
Priya & Sanjay Tandon

There may be no destination in this case, because there is no end to creating positive content.

Just as the Sun brings you warmth and light, Sunrays is an endeavour to bring you some positive food for thought! So, till we are able to create good content and till our viewers look forward to consuming what we create, we hope to keep going!

Thank you for being a part of our journey! Let’s keep shining together!

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